ARI Project: 12-01-003 | Funding Round: Round 13 (2011-2012)  | Start Date: 03/01/2012  | Status: Active

Development of an integrated decision support system to optimize irrigation scheduling and water use efficiency

ARI Member Campus: California State University, Fresno
Research Focus Area: Water and Irrigation Technology
Project Personnel: Director: Cassel Sharma, Florence, Department of Plant Science & Center for Irrigation Technology, College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, California State University, Fresno
Co-Investigator: Goorahoo, Dave, California State University, Fresno, Plant Sci Dept & Center for Irrigation Technology
Co-Investigator: Melton, Forrest, University Corporation at Monterey Bay, on behalf of California State University, Monterey Bay
Co-Investigator: Johnson, Lee, California State University Monterey Bay and NASA Ames Research Center
Co-Investigator: Lund, Christopher, California State University, Monterey Bay - NASA ARC
Co-Investigator: Krauter, Charles, California State University, Fresno
Co-Investigator: Pierce, Lars, Division of Science & Environmental Policy
Collaborator: Wang, Dong, USDA-ARS
Collaborator: Trout, Tom, USDA-ARS Water Management Research
Collaborator: Spiess, Michael, Californa State University, Chico, College of Agriculture
Collaborator: Ayars, Jim, USDA-ARS Water Management Research Laboratory
Cooperator: Diener, John, Red Rock Ranch
Cooperator: Sheely, Ted, AZCAL Farm Management
Cooperator: Balling, Steve, Del Monte, Inc.
Cooperator: Salas, Sonia, Western Growers Association
Cooperator: Williamson, John, PureSense
ARI Allocation: $600,000.00
Match Donors: $105,000.00 - CSU Fresno Foundation/Univ. Corp at Monteray Bay (Grant from NASA Applied Science Program)
$345,000.00 - Univ. Corp. at Monterey Bay (grant from NASA Applied Sciences Program)
Total Funding: $1,050,000.00

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