ARI Project: 01-05-029 | Funding Round: Round 2 (2000-2001)  | Start Date: 07/01/2000  | Status: Completed

Butte County Noxious Weeds Database

ARI Member Campus: California State University, Chico
Research Focus Area: Biodiversity
Project Personnel: Director: Crabb, Charles, BioResource and Agricultural Engineering; College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences
ARI Allocation: $3,000.00
Match Donors: $3,000.00 - CA Dept of Food and Agriculture
Total Funding: $6,000.00

Project Objective: To establish a GIS mapping database for noxious weeds in Butte County, California utilizing an existing California Department of Food and Agriculture database as a template for design.

Project Abstract: Objective: To study the effects of soil amendments, fire regimes and seeding mix on medusahead control and site restoration. Medusahead is a late-maturing winter annual grass. Its seedheads and seeds are physically noxious to livestock; its palatability is low because of high levels of silicon dioxide; and its decomposition rate is slow, resulting in the build-up of thick thatch layers.

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