ARI Project: 01-01-017 | Funding Round: Round 2 (2000-2001)  | Start Date: 09/19/2000  | Status: Completed

Enhancing Export Opportunities for Precision Irrigation Technology Clusters

ARI Member Campus: California State University, Fresno
Research Focus Area: Agricultural Business
Project Personnel: Director: Zoldoske, David, California State University, Fresno
Collaborator: Chubb, Amy, University Business Center (UBC)
Collaborator: Baker, William, Fresno City College Export Center
Cooperator: Kimmell, Tom, Irrigation Association
ARI Allocation: $225,000.00
Match Donors: $126,381.00 - Fresno Area Workforce Investment Corporation
$448,197.00 - Water-flow Industry
Total Funding: $799,578.00

Project Objective: To aid in developing export markets for California manufacturers of precision irrigation equipment. The program will focus on 1) providing technical assistance to potential users in export markets at foreign trade shows; and 2) training manufacturers in effective strategies for Internet commerce.

Project Abstract: With the support of the US Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), this investigator and his co-investigators from the SINO-US Agricultural Alliances, are conducting a market assessment for China that stresses the advantages of raising Black Angus cattle and importing breeding materials. This project includes identification of breeding material suppliers in California.

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