ARI Project: 00-05-024 | Funding Round: Round 1 (1999-2000)  | Start Date: 01/01/2000  | Status: Completed

E-Commerce Research for Confectionery Agricultural Products

ARI Member Campus: California State University, Chico
Research Focus Area: Agricultural Business
Project Personnel: Director: Singh, Lal, California State University, Chico
Co-Investigator: Boykin, Ray
Co-Investigator: Sandoe, Kent
ARI Allocation: $25,000.00
Match Donors: $25,000.00 - Efruit International, Inc.
Total Funding: $50,000.00

Project Objective: To develop and implement an electronic business model for confectionery agricultural products. Project will feature initial investigation of current and developmental models for e-commerce and testing of a prototype model.

Project Abstract: The tremendous growth of e-business affects every area of the business enterprise. Business-to-business (B2B) transactions attract over 90% of the e-business market. The focus of this research project, being led by Lal Singh, is B2B transactions in conjunction with the confectionery (nuts and dried fruits) market. The local, regional, and global nature of the agriculture market makes it an ideal candidate for the e-business marketplace. Several websites already exist to provide an electronic marketplace for agricultural business. These sites provide agricultural information, as well as a place for buyers and sellers to come together and market their products. The size and diversity of confectionery agriculture products market make it an ideal candidate for B2B. However, with the variety of approaches associated with B2B extensive research is needed to identify the best approach, hence the basis for this research project.

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