ARI Project: 00-05-019 | Funding Round: Round 1 (1999-2000)  | Start Date: 03/15/2000  | Status: Completed

Electric Rate Analysis in Conformance with SB 282

ARI Member Campus: California State University, Chico
Research Focus Area: Agricultural Business
Project Personnel: Director: Wallace, Henry N.
ARI Allocation: $71,261.00
Match Donors: $87,000.00 - State Energy Resources Conservation & Development Commission
Total Funding: $158,261.00

Project Objective: To conduct a comparison study of electricity rates for agriculture and other customer classes in California, and to compare agricultural electric rates in California with agricultural rates in other states. Results will aid in establishing strategies with which California agriculture can reduce electric service costs.

Project Abstract: The cost of electrical power in California agriculture is a significant factor in production, resulting in a competitive disadvantage relative to producers in other states. Changes in the industry resulting from the industry restructuring, including a competitive wholesale market and entry of new suppliers, create new circumstances for agricultural customers to be aware of. In SB 282, the California Legislature has requested that the California Energy Commission prepare an analysis of the economic implications of higher electricity rates to agricultural class customers. In response to this request Henry Wallace, leading this study will prepare a report which will include comparison rates for agriculture with rates for other customer classes and comparison of agricultural electric rates in California. In addition, this report will include suggested strategies by which agriculture can reduce its electric service costs, as well as identify factors that may affect the rate structure for agricultural electric customers.

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