The California State University Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) is a comprehensive applied agricultural and environmental research program joining the California State University's (CSU) four colleges of agriculture and the state's agriculture and natural resources industries and allied business communities.

The ARI fosters the development and evaluation of new and promising technologies that have the potential for improving food safety, environmental stewardship, economic performance, and long-term sustainability of California's agriculture industry. ARI projects and programs build upon a successful record of past applied research accomplishments and augment, enhance, and extend the basic research conducted by the nation's land grant universities.

ARI Administration
California Polytechnic State University
Attn: Dr. Mark Shelton, Executive Director
One Grand Avenue
Building 11-211
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0250
Featured Project
Almond Union Mild Etch (UME): Effectiveness of Progeny Tests with Cultivar Butte

Test for UME potential of Butte almond trees used for scion bud sources by various nurseries and to evaluate the effect of slow versus rapid tree growth on the onset of UME.
Featured Project Director
Dr. Marie Caudill
Faculty Research Associate
Human Nutrition and Food Science Department, California State Polytchnic University, Pomona

Expertise: philosophy in human nutrition, food science and human nutrition

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